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Thoughts and Reflections

April 21, 2014

After reading The First Day of School Post tonight I realized there are just some firsts that never get old. Such as the first day of school. Ryan and I have been through several first days of school now since that day occurred. It never stops amazing me how wondrous this day is through the eyes of the kids, and even more so through the eyes of the parents who are dropping their kids off. Every year in August we get to experience this again, with a new teacher, new lunch box and new first day of school outfit. I still wonder what the teacher will be like, even though it has been several years since I have been in school, and can’t wait to get home to hear about the new day that  began.

Some of these constants in life we take for granted, but sometimes we need to step back, and see things through the eyes of a child, and for a few brief moments we can experience things for the first time all over again.

© 2014 David Z. Pfeffer

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