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The first day of school

April 10, 2012

The first day of school is possibly one of the most terrifying times I a kids life. Especially when a child has never been to school before. Now imagine an 11-month-old child who has just been removed from his parents, had an unstable life up till this point, and just got thrown into a new family.

This was the case for Ian. Four days into being our new family and it was his first day of school. We were lost on what to do where to go. His day care is the most amazing understanding place I have ever been. There were three teachers in his classroom. Ryan and I were probably more nervous than he was.

Ian went to the other kids with ease. As far as we know he had never been with kids in a day care setting. This day was a long one for us. At the end of the day I was ready to bite my nails in nerves on how he did. His teacher Miss. S. said he was a joy to have. There was no issue or problems. There were a million questions they had. They needed a pic of him to place up on the board in their room. (To this day our very first family picture is still there). We had to find out all the rules that pertained to him, as well as what the schedule they had for him at school.

Then Ian looked up and saw me. It was an unforgettable look. It was a look like we actually came back. His eyes spoke in a way that only a parent can understand. It said you cam back to get me. It can break a heart of anyone. But all parents who take their kids to day care for the first time understand this look.

That night he slept well. It was a tiring night for us all, between the stresses of not knowing how his day went, to all the supplies that had to be bought for school. Who would think that an 11 month old needs a list of supplies. It is not the same world it that it used to be when we were kids.

Back then my mother had the luxury of being home with us all the time. Today is a different world it takes at least two incomes to keep up with a middle class life. But in one week we would have met our new C.A. who was assigned to our case, as well as be in Massachusetts preparing to be married while friends would be in Florida taking care of Ian for us.

© 2012 David Z. Pfeffer

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